This is a story I wrote.

By: Team Peeta Anna


Jorden Winters


“There isn’t a word to describe the pain. I feel as if my heart stopped, my body jumps a foot the air, my limbs turn numb. The course of nuclear waves rushes through my arms, numbing, and stopping the flow of my blood. “P-P-P-Please.” I gasp through the torture. “Please end this.” -Jorden Winters


A few billion miles away from Earth, in the Titan Way Galaxy, there lies a majestic, enormous planet named Alchemy. Unlike Earth, this planet doesn’t have its own revolution; one side is always in complete darkness and the other shines as bright as the sun. This is no ordinary planet. The dark side, known as the Conspiracy, is always in war against the Bright side, Felicity. Pisces, a nation in Alchemy, is divided into Conspiracy and Felicity, so the entire population of Pisces is at war against itself. Alchemy is a 12 men led dictatorship; they force every child borne to be separated into its classified nation by birth date.

Division One: RealizationEdit

“Run!” I turn my head to see Revelyn screaming, horrified when an enemy solider wraps his arm around her neck, her eyes turn slack, and her kicking and screaming stops. I run and run to a small tide pool, screaming my brother’s name. “I’m c-c-c-coming! Go! I’ll meet you------“his voice is cut off. Wasting the precious seconds that I need, I turn my head and see the lifeless body of my brother, dead, with a hollow hole in his chest. Ten meters away lies Revelyn. An aching sear of pain crosses my throat, but I find the courage to snap back into reality. The solider is coming for me next. “BOOM. BOOM. BOOM.” Three bombs drop. My house is in tatters. I still run and run and run. He advances, and I trip on another fallen civilian. All goes black.

My heart pounding, I wake up with a start. Sweat lines my forehead; my arm is bleeding from me scratching myself in my sleep. What happened? I think. Slowly, I remember. Just days ago, Revelyn, my brother Jonah, and I were almost killed by Conspiracy soldiers. We almost died. I live in the nation of Pisces, in Felicity. The days feel like years here, our nation is in constant war and my stupid brother makes it seem like it’s all a deadly, dangerous game of Monopoly. In the morning, the mist gently curls around the trees that grow in our land. The refreshing breeze of the sea air swirls around the landscapes, but the war ruins it. Almost always, always, there is a boom of the bomb dropping somewhere, somewhere in Pisces. I hate the feeling of hearing the bomb drop or the whish of the bullet, I hate knowing that someone I know, someone I love might be dead, or worse in agony. Taken in to the Conspiracy is the most dreadful thing that can ever happen to you. The war is getting out of control. People are feeling free to kill, free to accuse. Everyone here is suspicious of one another.

“Hey!” I turn to see my best friend Revelyn jogging over with a half smile, half frown on her face. “Ready to hit the pool?” She attempts a smile, but I know she can’t. Four days ago her father and little brother was shot while taking a walk in the forest, trying to scavenge some food. Her mother is in tatters, but Revelyn tries to put on a brave face. I know she can’t. I know she cares even though it’s not her real family. She isn’t as tough as she seems. “Race you there!” I run towards the abandoned factory in the village. It’s our special place. I love to explore there, in the backyard is a small, tide pool, just perfect for tanning and cooling ourselves. No one knows that a pool is behind the factory. I’m not even sure it’s legal for us to go there. But it’s a place to think. It’s a place that we can be free from all the fighting and battles. Revelyn turns and looks at me with a serious face. “What? I don’t have a booger do I?” I waggle my eyebrows but she just stares at me. “I want to fight,” she tells me. “Jorden, I’m tired of watching people die. I want to join the fight. I want to take down the Conspiracy legion; I want to end this war.”“You…can’t” A lump forms in my throat. I’ve already lost so much. I don’t want to lose Revelyn too. Her eyes blaze with anger. “I CAN, JORDEN.” She turns her head and glares at the distance horizon. “Um…I’ll go get the food.” I jump up, my knees shaking and run back to my house.

“AHHHHH!” My heart stops. The scream sends a shiver up my spine, its chilling. It’s Revelyn. My feet have a mind of its own as I run and run and run back too the tide pool. The wind runs along the water, it ripples and shimmers under the suns glare. The ripping in my heart becomes more unbearable. Sure, Rev could have just gotten fed up and ran away, but what about the scream? I could have sworn it was her. It seems like a million thoughts are coursing through my mind now. I’m sure Revelyn’s gone. Kidnapped. Blinking back the tears, I run home.

My foster mother is cooking dinner. The lovely aroma of the scrambled eggs and smoked salmon makes my mouth water. “Jorden, sweetie, do you mind setting up------ “ she stops when she turns and sees my tear blotched cheeks. “What happened?”“Revelyn’s g-g-g-g-one. I w-went b-b-b-back for f-f-food and s-s-he’s not here.” I blubber. The waterfall comes down again. “Come here.” My mother envelopes me in a hug. The door bursts open.“Hey guess what?! Michael Summers was found in a coma state in the Forbidden Forest! His arm was bitten off! How awesome is that?” My little brother runs through the door. “Hey, what’s for dinner?” I look at his stupid, ignorant face, and I feel jealous. If only I could be as little to not understand what’s going on. I only wish. “Boom! Boom! Boom! Bang!” I wake up with a start. Jonah runs into my room, “Hey Jorden! The little men are shooting each other in the apple farm! It’s just like Star Wars!” He looks like the best news on Alchemy came today. But I know better. I stumble downstairs to find Fey and Luke drinking coffee and having breakfast. The television is on and the reporter is speaking to a man and women who are crying. “-------unconscious Marissa Homes was found in a coma state with legs ripped off in the edge of the forbidden forest. Her state is similar to one Michael Summers. Meanwhile, Revelyn Eagle and Titan Missori are missing prior to yesterday. One thing for sure Pisces, these disappearances is no random act. No trace is ever found.”

The sadness, desperation, and hopelessness wash over me again. Revelyn. Sometimes I think it was my fault. Why did I have to leave her alone?! Luke looks up gravely at me. “I think Revelyn’s in trouble.” He says. I agree.

Division Two: Knowledge

The thoughts swirl in my mind, where could Revelyn be? The truth dawns over me. I don’t like it but…Marissa…Michael…they all were found in the Forbidden Forest. Something fishy is going on over there…I don’t know what. I know what I must do. I must go for myself to see what really is in the forest they tell us not to go in. My legs shake and a lump forms in my throat. My heart pounds like there’s no tomorrow. Slowly, I advance towards the edge of the forest, the oak trees are planted tight together, and the muffled shuffle of my feet seems to echo through the entire forest. The wind blows and howls in the morning air. I duck just in time when a Conspiracy solider glances into the forest. But he’s too scared to come in. What I have done is unbelievable. I start walking carefully and consciously deeper into the forest, the sunlight soon dims away and I am walking into pitch darkness with no sense of direction.

“Clang!” I whip my head around but there seems to be nothing. Keeping eyes open, I step farther into the forest. “Clang. Clang. Clang.” There it is again. Footsteps are now behind me. I really am scared now. I’m too scared to turn my head around, my walk turns into a sprint. The footsteps are louder now. A hand comes over and blocks my view, my knees buckle. I turn to see my kidnapper. It’s a Conspiracy solider. He picks me up and carries me too an unknown cellar. “Let go of me!” I kick and scream at my kidnapper. “Shut up little girl, or things are about to get a lot worse for you.” He growls at me. “W-w-w-where?” I stutter, he carries me lower and lower down the old cellar. It doesn’t seem like we are moving distance, just going deeper. And deeper. After what feels like eternity, he comes to a stop at an old, wooden door.

“Jorden!” Astonished, Revelyn runs up too me. Even if it was just a day, she looks so much different. Her face is a pale, sickly white, and the bags under her eyes are becoming more noticeable. She doesn’t look like she’s been eating. “What are you doing to her?!” I yell at the man who brought me here. “Welcome to the Barrack Conspiracy.” A buff, muscular man waltzes in and gestures proudly around him. I glare at him, trying to look tough, but I’m close to tears. I think he knows that. I know who these people are, and I know that Revelyn and I are in trouble. What happened with Marissa and Micheal wasn’t an accident. Someone…or something hurt them purposely.

“What is this place you may ask?” the man states towards me. “This is the Barrack Conspiracy. His eyes twinkle with cruel excitement, and an evil smile dances on his lips. “Barrack Conspiracy, is an undercover, underground, elite mission working on creating and experimenting new generations of weapons, forms of electrification, and bombs for the war. Of course, we need subjects to clarify that our weapons actually work, so naturally we wouldn’t be using our natives, would we?” He finally lets that smile show. I hate this man, even thought I just met him. “For months we have been abducting random children from Alchemy’s 12 nations. Pisces, of course has been our target, but children from Gemini, Taurus, Aquarius, and Aries have been useful too. If they growing annoying or too nosy for their own good…or lose their usefulness, well…we have our own way with dealing with those kids. But you don’t need to worry about this, do you sweetie?” His sickly smile is making me want to vomit…how vile is this man…willing to kill people for his own good. Revelyn’s face is displaying the utter hatred I have never seen on her before. “Oh and you can call me Colonel Herford.” He finishes.

The Colonel surveys us and catches Revelyn glaring at him. As quick as a mouse, he slaps her, leaving a big red mark. “Don’t give me that attitude, young lady. William, she’s annoying me, sign her up for the next electrification test. Revelyn wines, and holds back the tears. I can tell she’s been through the electrification before, and she doesn’t like it. “Oh and before you go, Ms. Winters, I wish to speak to you.” The Colonel says. There’s an edge to his voice. Revelyn shakes her head and slowly leaves the room for her electrification. “What do you want?” I hiss, glaring at him. “And what are you going to do with Revelyn?”That’s not your concern, Ms. Winters, I wish to speak to you about your experiment, fifteen hours from our conversation, you will be subjected to a nuclear course experiment. Your survival chances are fifty; fifty, but I do like you Ms. Winters. I believe you will be useful to our cause.” He rises and heads for the door. “Oh and socializing with those like Ms. Eagle will not benefit you.” The door bangs shut when he leaves; the lump in my throat gets larger. I just sit and stare at the door. Eventually someone finds me, but I am immune to all actions around.

Division Three: DiscoveryEdit

&nbsp Two gloved men shove me down on a bed. They hook four wires on me. One on my right arm, one on my left, my left leg, and my right leg. “AHHHHHHHHHH!” I wince. In a nearby laboratory, there were testing to see how long an eight year old boy could stand being submerged. Silence. I know the boy’s life has ended. He probably had hopes and dreams in life, he probably had a family. He will never fulfil those wishes. I kick and scream like I did the night before, but its no use, these men just laugh underneath their masks. The loathing I feel for these men are like none Iike I ever felt before. For them to kill the eight year old boy in my midst…pure evil. One day, I swear I will find the strength, the courage to overcome the Conspiracy; I will meet my parents…one day. There isn’t a word to describe the pain. I feel as if my heart stopped, my body jumps a foot the air, my limbs turn numb. The courses of nuclear waves rush through my arms, numbing, and stopping the flow of my blood. “P-P-P-Please.” I gasp through the torture. “Please end this.” A chilling scream echo’s through the air. Images of Revelyn, my brother, Fey, Luke, Pisces…the parents I never met…Revelyn gone, how I felt in the forest. People talk about when you’re almost dying…your life flashes through your eyes. Experiencing it…Let’s just say I never want this feeling again. At last, the pain subsides; the men seem to be satisfied with the results. They inject something into me. “Colonel believes that Ms. Winters will be crucial in latter events…” one of the men glare at me. “Who knows?” Slowly I drift too sleep. It may be death.

“Come on.” I open my eyes and see Revelyn staring at me. “Colonel and a man are talking; I want to see what they’re saying.”Reluctantly, I get up and follow her down the hallway. The doors tumble by with a blur. Everywhere we go, we always walk past another child. Some aren’t even 6 years old. They all look half dead, tired, and revengeful. Some have been here for months. I’ve been here for a day, in this vile place, and my hatred and repulsion is unbearable. I can’t imagine what it would be like for them.

The doors are all clearly labelled, almost always, screams and shouts of pain are released from the door. My eyes linger longer on the door marked “Nuclear Course Electrification.” Just reading the words throw me into pain, some other kid is in it. The child lets out a scream like the one I did last night. I pity them.“Shhhh.” Revelyn whispers as we duck into a nearby closet. The Colonel and his buddy are walking by. “-----firefluid almost ready Sir, just need a couple of subjects to test it out on.” The other man finishes and glances at the Colonel for an answer. “Excellent, Jack, what does firefluid consists of?” the Colonel asks. For some reason, I get the feeling that he knows we’re here. He’s asking for our benefit. Gary looks surprised but opens his mouth to answer. “Firefluid is a Conspiracy designed chemical that kills if consumed, contact will be dangerous, and even lethal to the human body. Like its name, Firefluid is as dangerous as real fire and can spread. Long term results, for instance bombing will be the complete destruction of objects, source of disease and hopefully kill. Felicity won’t know what hit ‘em!” The man finishes excitedly. Almost too excitedly. “Hmmm…and the subjects will be included in the testing of contact and consuming? Brilliant! And I have the perfect subjects. Starting with Ms. Winters and Ms. Eagle. In fact, why don’t be try out the bombing on Pisces Felicity?

I look at Revelyn. We have to get out of here before the testing. We have to get everyone out of here. I know they will kill us. The population of Alchemy’s Felicity will cease to exist. Especially after the bombs. We must warn our nation, and save ourselves. Am I prepared to die? Am I prepared to see Revelyn, Luke, Fey, my brother die? Am I strong enough? I know that my dying wish will be to save Felicity. I am willing to sacrifice myself. Am I? The fate of the world depends on it. I must be prepared to die.