Tribute Foxface


About== This is a story set in the 74th Hunger Games. It is told through the eyes of Foxface.

An Encounter With ThreshEdit

As I looked around the forest, I saw a flowing river, with salmon glinting in the sunlight. I walked carefully over to the river and took a few sips. I tasted good as I had not drank for about two days now. As the water rushed through my fingers, I heard a faint rustling and raised voices. One of them sounded like Clove... the other like Cato... The Careers!!! I left up and ran as fast as I could from the sounds.

After running for about an hour, I sat down on a soft piece of clay and caught my breath. Suddenly the clay beneath me started shaking and I left up. I was staring at a red faced Thresh. His massive hands curled into a fist and brought it down on my face. I felt one of my teeth slide down my throat and blood seeped out of my mouth. As I looked up I saw another fist closhing in on me but I ducked and he missed. My nails, which had been perfectly manicoured before coming in the Arena, clawed at Thresh's blue eyes, blinding him. I took advantage of the destraction and ran. I new that he wouldn't follow but I still ran faster then ever.

My tounge ran over the hole in which my tooth had been. If I escaped the games, I knew I wouldn't without a few scratches.